Phoenix U Travel Team



Since AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) is a youth sports organization any youth reguarless of their club offication outside of AAU can play on this team.

Where are tournaments

The tourament will range from Oklahoma to San Juan Puerto Rico. Season ending with team playing in the 47th AAU Nationals in Orlando Flordia 


Q: If I am committ to a NTR club can I play for Phoenix U 

A:  Yes, you can the rules allow for you to play with Phoenix U since this is a AAU sanction organization

Q: How often is practice

A: practice varies depending on age group and program

Q: If i play for a NTR club will it count against me if I have a tourament conflex 

A: No, we will never make you chose which tourament you attend.

Q: Is the price reasonable

A:  Yes, our Phoenix U members who play for other organization generally pay about $1000 for the season.

A: those who play our full tourament season with Phoenix U price $1700 to $2700